Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Please Be Respectful of My Mental Health

Dear Roommate Who Won't Stop Complaining,
Please stop.
Complaining is not good for my mental health.
Complaining stresses me out and makes me really anxious.
You are making me feel really uncomfortable.
You are making it really hard for me to focus.
I was supposed to have a really good day, but I'm having a really crappy day because of you.
I am anxious because you keep saying the word "anxiety."  Please stop doing that.  "Anxiety" is not a good word for me because - in people with legitimate anxiety disorders - it can cause actual anxiety.  Anxiety in real life is bad.
I have had legitimate mental health problems since I was a child.  I have been hospitalized multiple times.  I have seen countless psychiatrists and other doctors.  I've taken way too many medications over these twenty years.
I need to keep myself around positive people so that I do not relapse.
Please be positive for me.
You don't know my whole history, you only know bits and pieces of it.  That's because it's embarrassing.  And it really is embarrassing.  It is embarrassing how poorly I can function when things are not lined up properly for me.  I do not always feel comfortable sharing myself with people because I know if you knew everything, you probably would not want to be my friend.  But just trust that I need positive.  Just trust that I need good things around me.
I don't want to get sick again and I'm trying so hard to take care of myself.
Please be respectful of my mental health.