Sunday, 18 August 2013

Two Days is a Long Time

I love my boyfriend.
I love that he supports me.
I love that he is kind to me and respects me.

Before our first date, I told him that I was diagnosed with autism when I was nine years old.  I had never told anyone that so quickly -- it took me years to divulge my ASD to my high school friends (some I still haven't told) and it took months with my university friends.  I had never admitted my autism to any previous boyfriends.

My boyfriend is out of town right now.  He has been gone for two days and I miss him so much.  In the past nearly five months, the most I've gone without seeing him has been thirteen hours, so two days is an incredibly long time for me.

I'm moving soon.  I'm moving about one hour away from my boyfriend so I can do my third year of university.  This will be a big challenge for me because I will miss him so much.  We've managed when I've been in school before, but I'm scared about this year because we're so used to spending so much time together.  I really miss him and have missed him incredibly for two days.  Two days is a long time.

I really, really, really miss him.  I can't imagine missing him like this five days a week when I move back to school.  I'm anxious about that, and becoming more and more anxious as each day passes.