Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Autism is a Difference, Not a Disease

I LOVE this picture.  I have loved this picture for a long time.  In fact, for a while last year, this picture was my desktop icon on my computer.

I think in our society there is this perception that autism is a disease, that it's something we have to "cure."  And all that discussion of "curing" autism is one of the things that bothers Autistics the most (or at least it bothers me).  I know what illness looks like.  I have worked as a home support worker and a nursing student for years.  I have done 1:1 respite support.  I have worked with people in varying states of illness.  And I mean true illness.  I have seen people who are healthy, people who are sick, people who are very sick, and I've seen people die.  Because that's what happens when you have an illness.  An actual illness.

I don't know why people think Autism is an illness.  Autism is not an illness, it is just a difference.  Autism is just a difference.  Autism makes me different.  Autism makes me me.  And I have no issue with being Autistic.  I was born Autistic and this is just how I am.  And I think I'm pretty awesome.

I am Autistic and I'm very happy being Autistic, thank you very much.