Monday, 15 July 2013

Autistic at Work

I love my job.
Or, rather, jobs.  
I have two jobs
I love them.  I love them because they keep me entertained, are sometimes fun, and - of course - because I get paid to do work I enjoy.
But sometimes, work can be overwhelming.
A lot of Autistics struggle in the workforce, and in that regard, I'd consider myself quite lucky.  I've never had too much difficulty finding a job I like; my difficulty has always been with balancing the stress of work with the stress of scheduling and the stress I already have (which is increased by the fact that I suffer from tons of anxiety disorders to begin with and difficulty with transitions is enhanced by my Autism).
I love having a job, but today - my first day off in a long time - is such a blessing.  The last few days have been horrible; I've been "blowing up" at everybody I know - even my boyfriend, who I love so much - and I've been really "short" with everyone.  I am so glad I have a rest and relaxation day to recharge myself and plan the next few weeks out so I know exactly what's coming.