Thursday, 28 February 2013

Television is my (Secondary) Superpower

I like watching television.
I know that's not an autistic thing.  I know that's a human thing.
But sometimes, I like watching TV so much that I get absorbed into the fictional world on the screen.  Sometimes, the characters on screen become more realistic-seeming than the people around me.
In fact, despite years of cognitive behavior therapy, most of the ways I know how to interact with people and most responses to difficult situations I learned by watching television.  TV characters regularly teach me about friendship, ambition, joy, pain, and loss.  TV characters are like my own personal mentors.
Apparently, that's an autistic thing.  Or maybe it's just a me thing.  I'll leave that for the world to ponder.

I could write for hours about television.  I could tell you about every episode of every show I love (and trust me, there are many).  I could tell you anything about any character on any show I've seen.  I could tell you episode titles and a quick synopsis for each episode of every season of the shows I follow.  My friend once told me that television was my "superpower," and while I'd argue that television is more of a "secondary superpower," I always kept that phrase close to my heart.  I just like it.  I like the idea of having a superpower.  I like that, despite so many perceived negatives about autism in the world today, Asperger's Syndrome gives me something that nobody else has: I have superpowers.

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