Saturday, 12 April 2014

Recent Name List With Some New Interesting Names

This is ten pages of a name list I started a few days ago.

This is the Microsoft Word transcription of the list.  On Excel, it's 214 columns with rows filled out to L.  Does that mean anything to you?  Probably not.  But to me, that's something.  To me, that's kind of important.

I really like name lists.  From this list, a selection of some of my favorite names are:

For girls: Grejsa, Cerelia, Clarity, Phillida, Ellenore, Thandie, Bijou, Tonli, Hestia, Ceridwen, Maevis, Jerusalem, Aurora, Keturah, Keziah, Merrilla, Sonet, Linnea, Lyneth, Delynne, Modest, Honor, Kindell, Catteryn, Halo, Mabry, Ebba, Matielen, Dagny, Evoleth, Tashlyn, Zamyrah, Isis, Clover, and Ambriel

For boys: Adeben, Norrick, Jethrowe, Bowie, Cai, Draco, Helio, Beacon, Aldo, Hirem, Chadwick, Reeser, Garvin, Finnegan, Piers, Gilbert, Cannon, Devyros, Gabor, Kendrew, Vanden, Reiller, Farrow, Truman, Mathan, Tannyn, Courage, Jethrow, Zyaire, Brecken, Kable, Traegar, and Clifton

Of course, those are some kind of random names - some weird ones, some wonderful ones, some made-up ones, and some very old ones.  I love each one of those names for very different reasons, but I adore them all because of the way they sound.  I don't think I, myself, would use any of these names for a child, but they're nice to think about.  They're nice-sounding names.

I like names.

Have I mentioned that yet?