Tuesday, 2 April 2013

All About Me

Here, I like to write about being Autistic.  I sometimes find that in the rest of my life, I often find myself trying to "hide" my autism, but here, and elsewhere on the internet, in the warm embrace of the Autistic community, I feel comfortable to share the unique tidbits of my Autistic life that are particularly relevant to other Autistics.
But today, I thought it would be interesting to mention some unique things about me that have nothing to do with my autism.  Today, I'm going to share some facts about myself that relate only to me being human.
I love animals.  It started out as a love of cats - I even wanted to be a cat when I was younger - but has evolved to a love of all animals.
I love creative writing.  I have always wanted to be a published novelist or author of short stories.  I used to write a lot but that trend has slowed in recent years.  I still love writing though.  Hopefully I'll get back in to it soon.
I have wanted to be a mother since I was three years old.  My first career goal was to be a stay-at-home mom.
I really dislike reality television.  It's difficult for me to articulate why, exactly, but I think it has something to do with the fact that I have a deep love for scripted television, for beloved characters, and for the creativity of their writers.
I have always loved country music and musicals.  It's a strange combination, but those are the two categories of songs on my iPod.
In my fridge right now, I have two boxes of carrots, a loaf of bread, some garlic butter, a can of Diet Coke, a container of chocolate-chip muffins, and a tetra-pack of soy milk.
My walls are dressed with photographs of me with my friends, print-outs of my favorite song lyrics, small pencil drawings I designed last year, a series of cards I received for my last birthday, along with a handful of interesting-looking paper souvenirs 
I bought 60 packages of hot chocolate 2 years ago that I'm just now getting around to drinking because I've been very lazy about cleaning my kettle and/or never seem to be in the mood for hot chocolate.
I prefer Celcius to Farenheit.
I never enjoyed functions but I loved calculus.
The first movie I fell head-over-heels in love with was Practical Magic.  That movie made me want to be Sandra Bullock.
Ms Congeniality was pretty funny too.
But for the most part, I prefer watching television.  I don't usually have the attention span to watch TV for more than 40 minutes at a time.
I've been to a playground twice in the past three days.