Thursday, 11 April 2013

Today is a Bad Day

I will endeavor to write this gracefully, but I am feeling very little grace at the moment.
I am feeling chaos.  I am feeling like my world is spinning out of control.  I woke up later than I wanted to.  I owe a colleague five dollars but was unable to give it to her, since I woke up late.  My friend worked all day and even though she said we'd get together tonight, she's decided she'd rather be alone.  I put so much effort into an assignment and now I have to reformat it.  I have to do two loads of laundry, have dinner, and plan a social activity for tomorrow.  I have a lot of dishes to do and a shower to clean.  I also have a headache, which is rather unpleasant.
I am an intelligent person and I know that this is not enough to ruin a day.  But still, today's activities have been poorly organized and interspersed with bouts of crying.  I have sat and cried for so long today that I feel numb.  I am overwhelmed by the amount of things that thave not gone my way.  I cannot think straight.  I cannot be productive.  I am really struggling to be content at all in this day and that itself is giving me anxiety.  
I had a meltdown over nachos today.  And then another meltdown for no apparent reason.  I am bored and I am tired and I am hungry and I am grouchy.