Tuesday, 23 April 2013

People Will Appreciate You

Sometimes, being autistic is like being any "normal" person.  But sometimes, being autistic makes you stick out "like a sore thumb."  I'm one of those Autistics who can "blend" rather well for short periods of time and in a familiar environment, such that I don't really have to talk to people or do anything new or uncomfortable.  A lot of people see me as eccentric, but most people don't assume I'm Autistic just from getting to know me a little bit.
A long time ago, I embraced my autism.  I learned to appreciate myself as a strong and confident Autistic with tons to offer the world.  But still, it took a long time for me to acknowledge that other people would see my autism as an asset.  
Maybe I'm the only one who's ever thought this.  But if I'm not, I just wanted to put it out into the world for all other people to know: you will be valued by other people.  There are people who love your autism, and these people will see your autism as something that makes you more you. 
I had a good day today and it felt important to share this message.  I don't have a big social circle, but I believe that the people who surround me love me regardless of my quirks.  In fact, I think they love me because of my quirks.  And that makes me feel really good.