Monday, 8 April 2013

Tone it Down Taupe

Over at Radical Neurodivergence Speaking, there's this great endorsement of the Tone it Down Taupe campaign and this excellent graphic (see below).

Tone it Down Taupe is a response to the Light it Up Blue campaign that spreads autism "awareness" (but this "awareness" tends to dwell on the negative things about autism and really stirs up a lot of fear in people who don't know a lot about autism).  The concept of Tone it Down Taupe is rather brilliant.  Its goal is to "tone down" the alarmism surrounding autism and encourage all people to accept autism not as something to "fix" or "cure" but rather as something positive, something that makes our world more diverse.  The message of the campaign is simple: 49 out of 50 people lack autism!  And that statistic should be equally tragic to the statistic of 1 in 50 are Autistic.  And the amount of tragedy in both of those statistics should, of course, be none at all.