Wednesday, 15 May 2013

My Experience With Sensory Processing Disorder

Everyone with SPD has a different experience.  So I thought I'd share some of mine.  I plan to elaborate on this in a future post.  But for now: this is just how SPD - which is one of my secondary diagnoses - affects me.  Honestly, I can avoid most of my SPD triggers for the most part.  And when I really struggle with SPD, it's usually due to auditory stimuli.  

Yogurt, sour cream, mayonnaise... these are all things I can't bear to eat because of their texture.  
Milk... it's liquid but it's thicker than most liquids, and that's frightening to me. 
Peaches and peach-like fruits... I had a bad experience with peaches a long time ago, and I can't stand peaches or nectarines or anything like that anymore.  I'm not sure if that's SPD or whether that's just being a person.

I don't like people touching my back.  It usually makes me shiver or recoil away.  
I don't like people touching my shoulders.  It gives me the same reaction.
I only like tight hugs.

My SPD issues are strongest when it comes to sounds.  Noise is a big deal for me.  I cannot stand loud noises.  That includes loud talking, loud television, and loud environmental noises.  Even worse, though, is noise combinations.  It drives my brain crazy when two auditory stimuli are coming at me at once.  When the TV is on and someone is talking, I have to silence one.  When my iPod is on and someone is talking, I need to turn off one.  Sometimes, distant conversations are enough to distract me away from the sound I'm trying to focus on.  That's really difficult.  It's hard to explain SPD, but when it comes to sounds, you'll notice that I really cannot function when two sounds are playing simultaneously.  SPD makes it so I cannot live normally when there are too many noises around me.  This is what really frustrates me.  This is what causes meltdowns.  Too many noises can really disrupt the way I live.  

Flashing lights and really bright colors can be irritating to me.