Sunday, 6 January 2013

In Which I Discuss Stimming

For many autistic people, stimming is a normal part of life.  

This image is from the Autism Women's Network and I love the message here.

I stim a lot.  I shake my hands.  I repeat words I like, words that usually have no contextual relevance in the situation.  My legs shake.  I stomp my feet.  I shake my head back and forth.

I stim more when I'm stressed.  I stim more when I'm anxious.  I stim more when I'm nervous.
Recently, I've been stressed, anxious, and nervous.
So recently, I've been stimming a lot.
I always feel the need to apologize.  I stim and then later I feel self-conscious and I am afraid about what people think about me.  But stimming is nothing to apologize for.  Stimming is natural and normal and comforting and harmless and wonderful.  
Thank you to the Autism Women's Network for reminding me of that.